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Task Cards - linear equations
Engaging students, especially struggling students, is challenging. Students in previous semesters have responded well to Task Cards, but like most high school students they are pre-occupied with their mobile devices! This summer’s mission- figure out how to use QR Codes as a way for students to get immediate feedback by scanning the QR code to check their answers.

I created this activity for my Foundations of Math 2 students. Students enrolled in this course have completed Common Core Math I but struggled. Therefore, there is a need to bolster their math skills (and confidence in their ability to be able to “do math”) so they are better prepared be successful in Math 2. Students enter this course with varying levels of ability- freshmen coming from 4-6 different middle schools, sophomores, even juniors and seniors.

QR Code for Text

I have used QR codes for websites but was at a loss for how to create a QR code for text. I read blogs of teachers who had task cards with QR codes but most of the time I was quickly scanning trying to find directions so I am sure I missed the information I needed because I was impatient. Finally I realized there was a menu for different creating QR codes!


Notice the More button on this website and when it is expanded . . . the option for Text is available!!



The second screenshot is after a QR code is created for the text in the box. It’s that simple. I then clicked on the QR code and a new tab opened with just the code visible. Next I took a screenshot of the QR code. My screenshots are automatically uploaded to my Dropbox and from there I can insert the image into the Task Card document.

I hope to create more activities for high school students and share them in this forum. Please feel free to use and adjust any activity to fit your students’ needs. I believe the best way to engage students in learning is for educators to share best practices including providing feedback to improve lessons, activities, and assessments. Use the link below to download the pdf for the Task Cards.







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